The National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC) is a high level annual conference that addresses the many diverse and complex issues facing leaders of the Canadian property and casualty insurance sector. Held in Gatineau, Quebec this past fall, the event welcomed many insurance and insurance-related businesses to attend the three day event. The Insurance Bureau of Canada sponsored the Day 1 luncheon, with CEO Don Forgeron as the keynote speaker.

The presentation was designed to play on three screens, with the centre screen containing the IBC logo, and both side screens revealing the show deck. The design took a simple approach, keeping things clean with white background and using the IBC colours as the palette for the deck. The presentation was a custom script and cue project, where we were onsite to direct and manage the show files.

Last night we attended an NICC reception/dinner at which we were praised by many (including Board members) for our presentations at NICC events during that day. Most, if not all, mentioned the production value of IBC’s work and some specifically referred to the power point support. One IBC Board member told me personally that she has told her staff that they should model all power point after Don’s.

Don and I briefly discussed the reality that much can go wrong in these events. Microphones can go dead, camera work can be faulty (that would have destroyed Ross Stein’s segment), but the story of our presence at NICC is that nothing did go wrong.

Please ensure that your team is aware of our congratulations particularly Scott and Todd.

Thanks to all.

Mary Lou O’Reilly
Senior Vice-President, Issues Management and Communications
Insurance Bureau of Canada