The Insurance Bureau of Canada commissioned AIR Worldwide, global experts in catastrophe modeling, to produce a study that is the first scientific evaluation of the earthquake threat to Canada in more than 20 years. The study leaves no doubt that we are not prepared to handle a major earthquake that could happen at any time in Canada and that the economic impact would be significant.

The launch of this report was made in October 2013, to a room full of media representatives at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.

Working with IBC and the Gabor Group, we designed a PowerPoint deck that combined elements of earthquake measurement and clean styles. The deck also comprised of slides from Dr. Jayanta Guin, Senior Vice President of Research and Modeling at AIR Worldwide, to which we updated and incorporated into the master deck, giving it the same stylistic vision of all other slides.


The IBC brand looked very very good today. There are not many organizations who could have pulled off what we did today. Period. And not only did we pull it off but we did so exceptionally well. The quality of this event was evident at ever turn – the room, the AV, the media work, the presentations – the list goes on. Well done everyone!

Finally, a personal thank you. I realize that while I have some notion of the effort that went into making today look like we do this all the time ( the pros always make the hard look easy…) I actually don’t. Many of you went above and beyond and I want to sincerely thank you all.

The day could not have happened without a very large group of very talented people putting forward a Herculean effort. It showed.

Don Forgeron
President & CEO
Insurance Bureau of Canada